WES’s WISDOM: Young athletes would do well to follow Panthers legend’s lead

From my time watching and covering all levels of sports, I've seen some good players excel on the field, but I've also seen some better players who lead. If you're looking to take that next step in your high school athletic career and help your team get to the mountaintop, here are some valuable lessons on leadership that I’ve seen from Panthers legend Luke Kuechly and some of our own stars here in the Lowco. 

WES’s WISDOM: Father and son perfectly in ‘Cink’ during remarkable RBC Heritage run

After an impressive victory at the Safeway Open, followed by another top-five finish in Bermuda, Stewart Cink knew his son Reagan needed to stay on his bag. Now, just a handful of months later, the father and son find themselves 18 holes away from a weekend to remember forever at the RBC Heritage. 

WES’s WISDOM: Two of Team Lowco’s own have earned next step in career journey

Here at LowcoSports, our mission is to honor and celebrate the amazing achievements of our hard-working student-athletes, coaches, and community. But over the years, we’ve adopted another. The journalism industry is a difficult one to crack, a field that requires a strong amount of experience to put your foot in the door. If we can give our local high school and college students a chance to hone their skills through practice in writing, photography, and video production, they can obtain the necessary experience to learn the ropes and start on the path to a rewarding career. And we’re proud to have two amazing success stories right here on Team Lowco. 

WES’s WISDOM: Hall of Famer Faber was exemplary coach, mentor, and friend for Jags

The job descriptions of a high school coach go far beyond collecting wins on the gridiron, field, or court. Sure, it's always important to build a winning team, but at the end of the day, it doesn't compare to the most important task: shaping and molding young men and women into extraordinary individuals for life. 

WES’s WISDOM: It’s up to us to make sure DJ’s loss sparks lasting change

On Friday night, the Lowcountry lost one of its greatest young people we’ve ever seen. I was coming back from covering Hilton Head High’s state championship basketball game when the news of this heartbreaking tragedy shocked me in every way.

WES’s WISDOM: Hilton Head homecoming has turned into something magical

In 2002, Chane Brown and Hilton Head High’s basketball squad embarked on a magical run to South Carolina’s elite eight. Now, 19 years later, Brown has brought the magic back. In just his second year as head coach of his alma mater, Brown has guided his Seahawks to the precipice of an unthinkable state championship.

WES’s WISDOM: Black history is American history — and Lowco history — and we’re still writing it

February is Black History Month, a time to recognize the many incredible achievements of black Americans within our society. Without their contributions in science, writing, music, politics, and countless other disciplines, our community, country, and world would never be as amazing. I’ve met some truly incredible black men and women throughout my 24-or-so years, and I have been captivated by what so many have brought to my life.