WES’s WISDOM: Seeing the ’Canes with Curry has spurred hockey fever

There’s nothing I enjoy better than covering sports action in the Lowco and beyond. But there’s something special about attending a game not as a reporter, but as a fan. Especially when it’s a playoff game in one of the loudest arenas in sports. I’ve always been told how few athletic experiences can top the … Continue reading WES’s WISDOM: Seeing the ’Canes with Curry has spurred hockey fever

WES’s WISDOM: Trevor Weldon has always exceeded external expectations, so why not at Miami?

The best student-athletes are those who shine with their commitment and drive every time they take the field. Here in the Lowco, there may be no better example than University of Miami-bound Hilton Head Prep kicker Trevor Weldon. 

LOWCO PERSPECTIVE: A week in this Lowco life

Ahh, Spring Break! A time of relaxation and renewal … unless you’re in the local sports business. Because this life I’ve chosen is so chaotic at times that you wouldn’t believe it if I told you, I’m just gonna tell you and let you choose whether to believe it. But it’s all true.

LOWCO PERSPECTIVE: Writing my way out of a hurricane

One of the hidden personal benefits of this horrible pandemic — a phrase that feels almost callous to even consider — is the opportunity it offered many of us to slow down and reflect. Those five months with no sports also gave me time to finally watch “The Wire,” one episode per night starting in March 2020, and that was life-changing in its own way, but it was the introspection that I valued most. 

WES’s WISDOM: Wrestling is rising – and here to stay – in the Lowco

When you think of winter sports season, you think of the excitement and the heart-pounding action of a basketball game. But even hoops may not compare to the excitement we saw on the wrestling mat this year. 

WES’s WISDOM: Plenty of positives from Sand Sharks’ opening weekend

It ended as a weekend of disappointment on the diamond, but there were still lots of positives to take away from USCB baseball’s first action of the 2022 season. Despite dropping three of four games in the series, we saw some encouraging signs on the mound and on defense alongside a few strong performances at the dish. Here are a few Sand Sharks that caught my eye and raised their stock as Ted Falkner’s second season at the helm gets rolling.

WES’s WISDOM: There are some shots we can’t afford to pass up

On Monday, I’ll be heading out to get my COVID-19 booster shot. If it has been more than six months since your initial vaccination and you haven’t had the booster yet, I’m hoping you do the same.

WES’s WISDOM: A few personal highlights from a memorable year at LowcoSports

We’re nearing the end of 2021, a year that was again marked by the many challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic. But we found a way to push through and witnessed another unforgettable year of local sports action. Let’s take a look at some of my favorite memories and moments of the action I covered this year across the Lowco.