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LowcoSports is a division of Lowco Media LLC, an independent media company founded by longtime sports journalist Justin Jarrett to provide grassroots sports coverage that celebrates the successes of teams and athletes in the often-overlooked South Carolina Lowcountry. We depend on community support via sponsorships and advertising from local businesses and contributions through our Patreon page. Send email to LowcoSports@gmail.com for sponsorship information.


The biggest stars on our team, always coming through in the clutch to make sure everyone wins with great LOCAL sports coverage!


Just a handful of star players don’t make a team, and it takes everyone pulling their weight to win. We’re fortunate to have these sponsors on Team Lowco!


We believe LowcoSports is a community resource that creates a positive ecosystem centered around everything that is right about sports in our communities, and want everyone to be a part of it. Join the Lowco Booster Club for as little as $50 a month and help us keep going … and growing!