WES’s WISDOM: Two of Team Lowco’s own have earned next step in career journey

Here at LowcoSports, our mission is to honor and celebrate the amazing achievements of our hard-working student-athletes, coaches, and community. But over the years, we’ve adopted another. 

The journalism industry is a difficult one to crack, a field that requires a strong amount of experience to put your foot in the door. If we can give our local high school and college students a chance to hone their skills through practice in writing, photography, and video production, they can obtain the necessary experience to learn the ropes and start on the path to a rewarding career. And we’re proud to have two amazing success stories right here on Team Lowco. 

I remember first meeting Carlo Perruzza in 2019 and talking to him about his budding interests in broadcasting and videography. It’s remarkable how much he has improved his craft over the years. Ever since his time as a student at USCB, he’s been able to hone his skills in many different roles from writing to reporting to podcasting to videography. I was incredibly impressed by his work on the Lowco Rundown, a weekly highlight show that he filmed, voiced, and produced. For someone just getting started, Carlo did a tremendous job. From the dazzling shots of dunks on the basketball court to the creative catchphrases only he could come up with, it was clear that he had a passion and a gift for sports broadcasting. 

It was a pleasure doing the Lowco Lowdown podcast alongside him last year, and it was one of the bright spots during a difficult spring. Carlo has worked so hard over his time with us, and I was so proud when I heard that he accepted a full-time position with WTOC. He earned it through his many years of commitment and excellence in all that he did for us, and I’m so excited to follow his work in Savannah.

One of the favorite parts of my job here has been connecting and getting to know student-athletes all across the area. But I’ve never worked with anyone as incredible as Brooke Simons. Her drive and dedication in the classroom, on the field, and for us at Lowco have been outstanding. 

Brooke brought a positive attitude every time I saw her take the court or field for her team, and she always exhibited her amazing leadership in the huddle and during the games, putting her team before herself. This fall, Brooke led her fellow Hilton Head High students to mask up and stay safe so that she and her teammates could have the opportunity to play sports in an unprecedented school year. She took it upon herself to spread the word and never backed down on her goals, captaining her volleyball team to an unforgettable state championship season. 

Brooke never backed down from a challenge, and we saw it again during lacrosse season, as she moved from goalie to midfield and shined for Kara Cooke’s team. 

There was never a task that Brooke couldn’t take on, and she did everything from writing recaps to podcast work to her remarkable photography. But what I admire most about Brooke is her commitment to service. During the pandemic, she helped out writing letters to adults with special needs who were not able to have their normal in-person activities. She also was a part of the Front Steps project, taking photos of families on their porch to spread cheer during a challenging time. 

Brooke puts her heart into everything she does and has made a difference for so many during her time as a high school student. After her tremendous work for us as our very first intern, Brooke has been accepted to the prestigious Newhouse School at Syracuse University, where she hopes to pursue a broadcast journalism career. We’re so proud to be a part of her journey, and she has left an incredible mark at Hilton Head High and here at Lowco.

Just like we celebrate our many successful student-athletes going onto the next level, there’s no better feeling than seeing two of our very own advance their journalistic careers to new heights. Without Carlo and Brooke, we would be nowhere close to the point that we are now. Our main goal may be to provide first-rate coverage of our student-athletes, but we’re also here to help our young aspiring journalists, photographers, and future sports media stars take flight right here in Beaufort, Jasper, and Colleton counties. We’ll miss them both, but we can’t wait to follow their incredible journeys to come. 

By Wes Kerr

If you are interested in gaining hands-on experience, professional mentorship, and networking opportunities to prepare for a potential career in journalism, email us at LowcoSports@gmail.com.

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