HSFB 2022: LowcoSports Pick ‘Em Contest, Week 1 Results, Week 2 Slate

Our high school football pick ‘em contest grew leaps and bounds from Week 0 to Week 1, but there’s still room for more — and you can join now and still be in the running for season-long prizes!

And just to prove that you really don’t need to know anything to win, Beaufort High hoops star Sully Gay signed up and went 2-for-9 in Week 0, only to nail 11-of-13 in Week 1 and win a five-way tiebreaker for top honors. Which one was the fluke? We’ll find out soon enough, because we’re keeping score all season and giving away some Lowco swag to the weekly and season-long winners, plus a bonus prize for anyone who beats Team Lowco — but good luck, because our own Wes Kerr is setting the pace along with former Hilton Head Seahawks standout Connor Schmitz.

If you missed one or both of the first two weeks, do not despair, just make your picks every week from here out! We’re going to drop the two lowest scores for each player in the race for season-long prizes, allowing you to whiff on a week or two and still have a chance to hit paydirt.

If you want to get in the game, submit your Week 2 picks here!

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2022 LowcoSports HSFB Pick ‘Em Contest

Wes Kerr1679
Connor Schmitz1679
James Dennison15510
Justin Jarrett1477
Jhabias Johnson1459
Trace Lowther14410
Terrell Medlock14410
Misael Garzon14311
Mike Roark1349
Sully Gay13211
Jimmy Searson1248
Richard Martin1248
Tanner Norby1129
Luke Guess11011
Sam Williams11011
Chris Gay909
William Kinsey909
Kyle Gibbs909
Jacurtis franklin909
Danny Allen909
Shawn Zink909
Stacey Sacha808
Bradley Hargreaves808
Erac Priester808
Adam Henry808
Rich Jeffcoat808
Richard Calhoun770
Jared Eddy707
Leon Etheridge707
Brady Sacha707
Jerry Kingsley707
Jaxen Porter707
Lacy Pulis707
Alex Williams707
Tyler Haley660
Stewart Wright Dolbeare660
Justin Smith606
Woodie Melton IV550
Danny Fernandez440


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