HS T&F: Eagles sweep titles at Marwin Kline Invitational

Beaufort High’s track and field team swept the boys and girls team titles and brought home eight individual titles and swept the boys relays at the Marwin Kline Invitational at Whale Branch on Saturday. May River also had a strong showing, finishing second in the girls standings and fourth in the boys ranks with five individual golds and two more in the girls relays

Jayla Daise won the discus and shot put for two of the Eagles’ six individual titles and placed second in the javelin as the BHS girls racked up 147.5 points to easily outpace runner-up May River (119) and Whale Branch (82). Charlize Antia won the 800m and was runner-up in the 1,600, and Anna Lyles also made the podium twice, winning the pole vault and placing third in the 400 hurdles. Yzeult Antia (3200m) and Keasia Walker (long jump) also won gold for the Eagles. 

AnnaDora Hale was brilliant in the hurdles for May River, winning the 100m hurdles and taking silver in the 400m hurdles, while Anya Arroyo won the 1,600 and took bronze in the 800, and Macey Dowe won the javelin. The Sharks also won the 4×400 and 4×800 relays. 

The third-place Warriors did not have a champ, but Grace Bing was second in the 100m hurdles and Whale Branch was runner-up in the 4×100 relay. Colleton County’s Shandi Brown took a break from leading off for the softball team to win the 100m and pace the Cougars to the 4×100 relay gold.

Beaufort’s boys swept the relays and had a pair of individual champs in Charlie Bennett (800m) and Alvin Wilson (discus) to compile 134 points and edge Wade Hampton (120.5) with Hilton Head High (88) in third. Zyrin Odom fell short of gold but made the podium twice, finishing second in the 200m and third in the long jump, and Wilson also snagged third in the shot put. 

Nash Mills provided another bright spot for the Eagles with a bronze in the 1,600 as he continues to work his way back from injuries suffered in a serious car accident last summer. 

Fareed Abdullah blazed the trail for the May River boys, winning the 100m and 200m, while Noah Wasserman found the podium twice with silver in the 1,600 and bronze in the 800. The host Warriors had one champion with Virginia Tech football signee Xavier Chaplin winning the shot put.

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1. Beaufort 147.5 
2. May River 119 
3. Whale Branch 82 
4. St. John’s 73 
5. Colleton County 55.5 
6. Hilton Head 50 
7. Estill 41 
8. Wade Hampton 31.5 
9. Woodland 29 
10. Calhoun County 16.5 
11. Battery Creek 15 
12. Heritage Academy 14 
13. Allendale-Fairfax 1 


Beaufort High 

Champs: Charlize Antia (800m, 2:24.89); Yzeult Antia (3200m, 12:52.05); Keasia Walker (LJ, 15-7); Anna Lyles (PV, 9-6); Jayla Daise (Discus, 105-6; Shot, 36-8)
2nd: Charlize Antia (1600m); Heaven Dagin (PV); Acionna Lowe (Discus); Jayla Daise (Jav)
3rd: Anna Lyles (400H); Anaiya Houseal (HJ); Cinye Brown (SP)
Relays: 4×400 3rd, 4×800 2nd

May River

Champs: Anya Arroyo (1600m, 5:18.97); AnnaDora Hale (100H, 18.17); Macey Dowe (Jav, 94-6)
2nd: Avonlea Hale (800m); AnnaDora Hale (400H); McKenna Swinton (Shot)
3rd: Kate Dalton (400m); Anya Arroyo (800m); McKenna Swinton (Discus)
Relays: 4×400 1st (4:26.44), 4×800 1st (10:15.38)

Whale Branch

2nd: Grace Bing (100H)
3rd: Kaylyn Caldwell (100H); Kandyce Karney (TJ)
Relays: 4×100 2nd

Colleton County

Champs: Shandi Brown (100m, 12.46)
2nd: Carlasia Sanders (400m); KhMya Mosley (LJ)
3rd: Makayla Chisolm (100m); Emma Gladstone (Jav)
Relays: 4×100 first (50.48)


Champs: Anne Ferguson (TJ, 34-4.25)
2nd: Cynthia Gudaitis (3200m); Anne Ferguson (HJ)
Relays: 4×800 3rd

Battery Creek

3rd: Margaret Ames (PV)

Heritage Academy

3rd: Kyndal Cohen (200m) 

Other Champs: Kadejah Smoak, Estill (200m, 25.99; 400m, 1:00.70); Rowan Stroble, St. John’s (HJ, 5-2)


1. Beaufort 134 
2. Wade Hampton 120.5 
3. Hilton Head 88 
4. May River 80 
5. Calhoun County 76.5 
6. Woodland 74 
7. St. John’s 37 
8. Battery Creek 25 
9. Allendale-Fairfax 23 
9. Whale Branch 23 
11. Estill 13 
12. Colleton County 5 
13. Holy Trinity 3 


Beaufort High

Champs: Charlie Bennett 800m (2:04.99); Alvin Wilson (Discus, 152-3)
2nd: Zyrin Odom (200m); Zion Smart (400m)
3rd: Christopher Gordon (400m); Nash Mills (1600m); Joseph Patterson (3200m); Zyrin Odom (LJ); Alvin Wilson (SP)
Relays: 4×100 first (43.81); 4×400 first (3:33.70); 4×800 first (8:37.80) 

May River

Champs: Fareed Abdullah (100m, 11.13; 200m, 22.67) 
2nd: Damaion Polite (800m), Noah Wasserman (1600m); Matthew Tisdell (3200m) 
3rd: Noah Wasserman (800m) 
Relays: 4×400 2nd, 4×800 2nd


Champs: Caden Thune (1600m, 4:38.57); William Lemire (3200m, 11:05.02); Nathaniel Rohr (Jav, 143-6)
2nd: Jourdin Nelson-Davis (HJ); Franklin Holland (PV)
Relays: 4×800 3rd

Battery Creek

3rd: Tanner McCracken (Discus)

Whale Branch

Champs: Xavier Chaplin (SP, 45-11) 

Other champs: Jeremiah Sanders, Estill (400m, 52.41); Mekhi Davis, WH (110H, 16.64; LJ, 20-8.25); Evan Mitchell, WH (PV, 11-0); Christian Zachary, Calhoun Co. (400H, 1:01.70); Russell Brunson, Calhoun Co. (TJ, 40-10.75); Nazeal Johnson, Woodland (HJ, 5-10)

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