Lowco Hoops Live: Friday, Jan. 14

Lowco Hoops Live: Friday, Jan. 14

We’re trying out a new concept this basketball season to try to bring hardcore hoops fans the vital information from around the Lowco as soon as possible on nights with heavy slates. So welcome to the Friday edition of Lowco Hoops Live.

Here’s the deal: We get a deluge of game reports and scorebook photos each night, and it takes time to sort through them, suss out what happened, track down stats, and turn around recaps. We’re a bare bones operation made up of people who unfortunately still require daily sleep, so we’re limited in how quickly we can do so, and that leaves you waiting to know what happened.

So we’re rolling out Lowco Hoops Live, where we’ll publish a post with the night’s slate of games and update with the vital information as it comes in. You can know what we know in (almost) real time and wait for the full recap for more information, but it’s only available to our Patreon supporters, so if you haven’t pledged at least $1 per month to support grassroots LOCAL sports coverage, now is the time to get in the game!

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Friday, Jan. 14


Beaufort Academy 43, Hilton Head Prep 41
HHP standouts: Katie Campbell 12, Ella Clark 10
BA standouts: Mike’Ala Washington 17, Thaalea Heyward 12, Kamirah Freeman 8
Up next: BA (11-4, 2-1) at JPII (Tues.); HHP (6-5, 0-2) vs. CPA (Wed.)

HHCA 54, John Paul II 29
JPII standouts: Brady Mahoney 10
HHCA standouts: Tamya Hutchinson 17, Abby Peduzzi 13
Up next: HHCA (11-1, 4-0) at THA (Tues.); JPII (2-3, 0-1) vs. BA (Tues.)

Bluffton 43, James Island 38
BLHS standouts:
Up next: BLHS (12-1, 5-0) at Lucy Beckham (Tues.)

Lucy Beckham 35, May River 30
MRHS standouts: Morgan Scott 16
Up next: MRHS (5-8, 1-3) at BHS (Tues.)

Beaufort at Colleton County (PPD)
Up next: BHS (2-9, 0-3) vs. MRHS (Tues.); CCHS (9-7, 1-4) vs. MRHS (Fri.)

Bishop England 54, Battery Creek 23
BCHS standouts: Ashante Shaw 8
Up next: BCHS (6-9, 2-1) at Oceanside Collegiate (Tues.)

Ridgeland-Hardeeville at Burke (PPD)
Up next: RHHS (5-7, 1-0) at Lake Marion (Tues.)

Baptist Hill at Whale Branch (PPD)
Up next:

Bridges Prep at Allendale-Fairfax
BP standouts:
Up next:


Hilton Head Prep 63, Beaufort Academy 43
HHP standouts: JJ Hayes 15, Kane Eanes 14, Sean Cusano 14, Ben Frey 9
BA standouts: Braydon Dineen 12, Amarion Wilson 8
Up next: HHP (11-2, 2-1) vs. CPA (Wed.); BA (23-5, 2-1) at JPII (Tues.)

John Paul II 48, HHCA 38
JPII standouts:
Mark Knight 23, Jackson Ogden 16
HHCA standouts:
Isaiah Anderson 20
Up next:
JPII (6-2, 2-0) vs. BA (Tues.); HHCA (3-7, 1-2) vs. Calvary Day (Sat.)

Bluffton at James Island (PPD)
Up next:
BLHS (4-8, 0-3) at Lucy Beckham (Tues.)

Lucy Beckham 49, May River 46
MRHS standouts: Garvin Douglas 17, James Layman 9, Gavin Blocker 9
Up next: MRHS (9-5, 3-2) at BHS (Tues.)

Beaufort 77, Colleton County 65
BHS standouts:
James Dennison 35, Michael Dennison 27, Zyrin Odom 11
CCHS standouts:
Mykeem Gant 26, Deshaun Blocker 16, Brian Hamilton 13
Up next:
BHS (7-4, 3-0) vs. MRHS (Tues.); CCHS (5-9, 1-5) vs. MRHS (Fri.)

Bishop England 63, Battery Creek 50
BCHS standouts:
DaQuan Jacobs 18, Will White 11
Up next:
BCHS (2-14, 1-2) at Oceanside Collegiate (Tues.)

Ridgeland-Hardeeville at Burke (PPD)
Up next:
RHHS at Lake Marion (Tues.)

Baptist Hill 73 Whale Branch 52
WB standouts:
Jashaun Gillison 22, AJ Singleton 14
Up next:
WB (9-5, 5-1) vs. Wade Hampton (Sat.)

Bridges Prep 53, Allendale-Fairfax 59
BP standouts:

Up next:
BP (15-4, 4-2) at Bethune-Bowman (Fri.)

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