The Week 6 RBC Heritage HSFB Player of the Week Is …

First off, I might owe Battery Creek’s Jordan Gwyn and Thomas Heyward’s JR Patterson an apology.

Around midday today, I noticed their vote totals were climbing at an alarming rate and saw that both were receiving hundreds of votes from one IP address.

I panicked.

By the time I realized this was *probably* a case of hundreds of students voting on computers at school, I had already deleted more than 400 votes for each of them. If this was, in fact, a case of RBC Heritage Player of the Week voter fraud, then I shall retract my apology. If it was simply a misunderstanding, I’m sorry to those players and all their classmates whose votes technically were not counted.

Now, for the good news — it didn’t matter.

Regardless of my well-intentioned meddling, Mr. Gwyn ran away with the win like he ran away from Calhoun

County’s defense in the Dolphins’ 29-22 overtime win on Friday (and for that matter, like Patterson ran away from John Paul II).

So congratulations to Jordan Gwyn for being the Week 6 RBC Heritage Player of the Week, and for proving Creek is on the rise, not only on the football field, but also at the polls.

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