HSFB: The RBC Heritage Player of the Week for Week 1 Is…

The B-Town Showdown got an early start.

Before crosstown rivals Bluffton and May River square off on the gridiron Friday night, the Bobcats and Sharks found themselves locked in another battle this week — the battle to stuff the ballot box in the RBC Heritage Player of the Week voting.

The Sharks won that matchup, with May River quarterback Ahmad Green garnering 34.8 percent of the fan vote to edge Bluffton quarterback Lee Kirkland (29.3 percent). Hilton Head Prep quarterback Stone McDonald (11.8 percent) and Whale Branch running back Irvin Mulligan (8.7 percent) also made strong showings.

Despite my best efforts, it seems fans have found a way to exploit the system once again, as more than 19,000 votes were cast in just over 24 hours despite only about 2,000 unique visitors to the website over the same span. Hmmm.

But, wait, there’s more.

Although this is meant to be a fun way to get some additional recognition for the top performers of the week, it shouldn’t *just* be a popularity contest (or a competition to see who can clear their cookies the fastest), so we’re switching things up this year.

The fan vote will count as one vote each week, and a panel of four local sports journalists — myself, WJCL’s Frank Sulkowski, WSAV’s Greg Talbott, and former Island Packet/Beaufort Gazette sports editor Mike McCombs — each will cast a vote. We’ll tally them up and determine the official RBC Heritage Player of the Week.

Green won the first fan vote, of course, but he didn’t garner any votes from the panel despite an impressive performance in the Sharks’ 34-6 win over Memorial Day. McDonald picked up one vote from the panel, as did Thomas Heyward’s Trey Pusha, who scored three touchdowns — on a run, an interception return, and a punt return — in the Rebels’ 33-21 win over Hilton Head Christian.

But our winner with two votes from the panel (including mine) is Mulligan, who racked up 232 yards on only 12 carries (that 19.3 yards per carry for the mathematically-challenged) and scored two touchdowns in the Warriors’ 31-9 win over Battery Creek.

So congrats to the Sharks for their mastery of online voting, and congrats to Irvin Mulligan, the Week 1 RBC Heritage Player of the Week.

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7 thoughts on “HSFB: The RBC Heritage Player of the Week for Week 1 Is…

  1. Changing the rules because the site wasn’t visited? Green won by a popular vote…..He is talented on and off the field. Are the rules made up each week once the votes are in and if it doesn’t reflect what the panel feels it should be. That doesn’t seem very fair. Guess that what critics are for.

    1. I think you misunderstood. We changed the rules from last year to make it more than *just* the fan vote. And there were 19,000+ votes by fewer than 2,000 people, which means there was rampant cheating by many, many people. Green won the fan vote, which counts as one vote, and he was deserving. He had a great game. But two panelists voted for someone else.

      1. Understandably it is technology and there are ways around everything as kids learn loophole. The only way you can have more votes than people is if voting is allowed more than once which means the same people can vote multiple times. If it is allowed then how it is cheating. That alone would get you more votes than actual people. Maybe I am misunderstanding, but the article comes across as the rules were changed due to cheating on week 1 not prior to the votes or anything last year. If the rules were changed after the fact it makes it appear that the fan vote as you called it didn’t matter and the person who won the fan vote wasn’t deserving of the win. Typically when the public votes they are voting for their team mate, school mate their school regardless of how they played which equates to the fan votes. Congratulations to all those nominated that is a win in itself. Congratulations to the fan vote winner and the panel winner. Great job by all the players.

      2. It is set up so you can only vote once. Obviously people found a way around that. The decision was made to change the voting format after last season to make it more meaningful than simply whoever could clear their cookies fastest. Now you have four objective voters plus the “fan vote.” You don’t have to agree, but that’s how we’re doing it.

      3. And, yes, the real honor is in being nominated. The whole point is to get more recognition for the top players and make it fun for people to vote. This website is all about celebrating the successes of our local teams and athletes! Thanks for reading!

  2. Put it this way. Irvin Mulligan won the Electoral College votes while Ahmad Green won the popular vote. Worked for the Orange one in the White House, so it should work for Mulligan. Sounds about right to me.

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