The Week 10 RBC Heritage HSFB Player of the Week Is …

The votes are in and … where the heck have all these John Paul II fans been all season?

After my lament last week that JPII’s Zack Doe never seems to get his due in these weekly polls, two of his Golden Warriors teammates mobilized the base in a major way.

To wit, Whale Branch’s Irvin Mulligan pulled in more than 1,100 votes … and finished third. Meanwhile, JPII teammates Melik Frost and TJ Polite-Grant duked it out, combining for more than 4,000 (!!!) votes.

These guys proved as talented at managing their social media campaigns this week as they were at shutting down Colleton Prep’s offense Friday night, when they combined for 22 tackles and three sacks in a 28-26 double-overtime win in which the Golden Warriors allowed only 12 points in regulation.

In the end, though, it was Frost who claimed the honors, garnering 37.08 percent of the vote and edging Polite-Grant by a mere 112 votes.

For the record, my vote (I get one just like y’all) went to Mulligan, but It’s hard to argue with a two-way guy who led his team in rushing and had a huge night on defense in a big region win.

Congrats to Melik Frost, the Week 10 RBC Heritage High School Football Player of the Week.

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Who should be the RBC Heritage HSFB Player of the Week for Week 10?

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