Seahawks, Eagles Highlight All-Region 8-4A Teams

The Region 8-4A All-Region teams for all fall sports except football were released Thursday, with Beaufort High School and Hilton Head Island High School coaches and athletes earning numerous awards.


Emily Ruckno, HHIHS

Ariella Stepleman, HHIHS

Pilar Kayser, HHIHS

McKenzie Daniel, Beaufort

Morgan Louw, Beaufort

Abby Cotuna, Berkeley

Daryn Hooker, Colleton County

Madison Miller, Cane Bay

Coach of the Year: David Reidmayer, Beaufort


Sarah Cooke, HHIHS

Abbigale Gross, HHIHS

Sarah Neville, HHIHS

Kennedy Yonce, Berkeley

Shannon Smith, Beaufort

Valeria Morales, HHIHS

Arianna Saponara, HHIHS

Grayson Altman, Colleton County

Melanie Murray, Cane Bay

Taylor Maddox, Beaufort

Kensley Dantzler, Colleton County

Emily Trotter, Cane Bay

Coach of the Year: Bill Wrightson, HHIHS


Marlon Belden, Beaufort

Palin Kayser, HHIHS

Corbin McKinney, HHIHS

Jasper Reinhardt, HHIHS

Cortez Gonzalez, Berkeley

Colton Thune, HHIHS

Collin Durham, Beaufort

Isaiah Gold, Cane Bay

Evan Hulst, Berkeley

Joshua Wilborn, Beaufort

Robert Perrecone, Cane Bay

Maxwell Davis, Beaufort

Coach of the Year: Bill Wrightson, HHIHS


200yd Freestyle: Kevin Geist, HHIHS

200yd Individual Medley: Tommy Hughson, HHIHS

50yd Freestyle: Cohen Bruner, HHIHS

100yd Butterfly: Kevin Geist, HHIHS

100yd Freestyle: Cohen Bruner, HHIHS

500yd Freestyle: Tommy Hughson, HHIHS

100yd Breaststroke: Niklas Kronlein, HHIHS

100yd Backstroke: Pierce Daly, HHIHS

200yd Medley Relay: HHIHS (Bryson Cummings, Cameron Matousek, Pierce Daly, Matthew Maldonado)

200yd Freestyle Relay: HHIHS (Cohen Bruner, Kevin Geist, Niklas Kronlein, Tommy Hughson)

400yd Freestyle Relay: HHIHS (Cohen Bruner, Kevin Geist, Tommy Hughson, Niklas Kronlein)

Coach of the Year- Mike Lane, HHIHS


200yd Freestyle: Skylar Bruner, HHIHS

200yd Individual Medley: Meaghan Lyons, HHIHS

50yd Freestyle: Sara Mundy, Berkeley

100yd Butterfly: Sara Mundy, Berkeley

100yd Freestyle: Sara Mundy, Berkeley

500yd Freestyle: Skyler Bruner, HHIHS

100yd Backstroke: Tuckwiller Anne Watts, Beaufort

100yd Breaststroke: Meaghan Lyons, HHIHS

200yd Medley Relay: HHIHS (Meaghan Lyons, Mandi Montgomery, Isabella Pozos, Camila Pelt)

200yd Freestyle Relay: Berkeley (Sarah Mundy, Savannah Harris, Vivian Nelson, Layton Sherman)

400yd Freestyle Relay: HHIHS (Isabella Pozos, Camila Pelt, Mandi Montgomery, Meaghan Lyons)

Coach of the Year: Mike Lane, HHIHS


Setter: Lexie Standen, HHIHS

MH: Kate Schwartz, HHIHS

OH: Sydney Janson, HHIHS

MH: Hailey Lamar, Beaufort

Setter: Madison Gallion, Beaufort

OH: Dakari Gant, Colleton County

OH: Ashlyn Harley, Colleton County

OH: Mary Kate Adams, Berkeley

Libero: Chelsea Cole, Berkeley

MH: Savannah Hollifield, Cane Bay

OH: Olga Bailey-Stall

Coach of the Year: Garett Talarczyk, HHIHS


Emma Hayward, HHIHS

Izzy Stone, Beaufort

Morgan Caramello, HHIHS

Megan Ferguson, HHIHS

Julia Cardozo, HHIHS

McKenzie Bradley, HHIHS

Caroline Baker, Beaufort

Coach of the Year- Rawn Grant Sr., HHIHS

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