LowcoSports adds Colleton County to coverage area

LowcoSports adds Colleton County to coverage area

When I took the leap in June 2017 and launched LowcoSports.com, I had only a vague idea of where it might go, but I knew with certainty where it needed to start.

Someone had to tell our kids’ stories and brag on their successes.

Too often, the all-state teams or all-star game invitations have stopped at Charleston or Columbia, all the slots filled up before anyone from the southeastern corner of the state made the list.

We’re trying to help change that by providing grassroots local sports journalism that celebrates the successes of our teams and athletes and keeps sports fans in the Lowco in the know about what is happening and who to keep an eye on.

Since that unheralded launch 3 ½ years ago, we’ve posted recaps of virtually every high school sporting event, action photos from as many as possible, and breaking news from coaching hires to COVID-19 shutdowns to all-region honors and retiring professional athletes who sprouted from the Lowco’s fertile soil. We’ve covered golf tournaments and road races and youth football camps, and interviewed and written about our Lowco stars after they’ve moved on to the next level.

We’ve added and consistently improved our video content and rolled out multiple podcasts aimed at giving you yet another way to keep your pulse on the Lowco sports scene, and we’ve given numerous high school and college interns the chance to learn and grow in the sports media field.

We’ve committed to slow growth and taking time to do what we do the best we possibly can before taking on more. 

It’s time to take on more.

As our audience has grown over the past 3 ½ years, and as region assignments have shifted, more and more folks have sent us sports news from Colleton County, where the two primary high schools — Colleton County High School and Colleton Prep — already find their way into our coverage often as they compete against region rivals from Beaufort and Jasper counties.

They’re part of The Lowco, too, and the same principles that led us to launch the site — the fact that no one was reporting on and celebrating the successes of our teams and student-athletes and giving sports fans a way to keep up with local sports news — also apply to the student-athletes, coaches, and fans in Colleton County, and we want to help change that, starting today.

You’ll find the Cougars and War Hawks listed in our navigation at the top of the website, as well as in our composite basketball schedules. They’ll be included in our All-Lowco Teams for the winter season and beyond, on our weekly podcasts, and in our photo galleries and highlight videos, as well as anything else we do.

Like Beaufort and Jasper counties, Colleton lies in no man’s land as far as the South Carolina media landscape goes, caught between the Savannah and Charleston TV markets and hungry for the kind of community news that has been devastated by the downward spiral of the newspaper industry. 

Please, please, please, continue to support your local newspapers and the vital function they play in our society. But when it comes to sports, we’ve got you covered. In fact, we wouldn’t mind partnering with your hometown newspaper to enhance their sports coverage and reclaim bandwidth for them to better serve their communities. We already do it with The Island News in Beaufort, and we’re open to expanding that area of our operation, too.

We can’t fix everything, but we can shine a light on the athletes who are representing us on the field, court, or course, and we can help build community around sports. We’ve already proven that, and we’re ready to spread the love to Colleton County. If all goes well, we’ll see y’all in Hampton County soon.

How are we gonna do it? I’m not sure of that yet. We’ll need some help. 

LowcoSports started with one dude and a dream, but we’ve picked up a bunch of friends along the way — including Colleton County’s own Jim Killian, an amazing photographer who has always been eager to help — and provided numerous opportunities for high school and college students who are interested in sports media to get hands-on experience and professional mentoring in the field. Many of them have had articles, photos, or videos published on LowcoSports.com, and a few are on their way to careers in the industry. 

If that sounds like fun, whether you’re a student or just a sports fan who thinks it would be cool to learn how to cover a game, we want to hear from you, and we want to work together. Heck, even if you’re at a game and just want to text or tweet us with score updates and a picture of the stat sheet after the game, we’ll take care of the rest. It’s a team effort.

We’ll also need sponsors, because expanding our coverage area will mean more work for our ultra-lean staff, and the ultimate goal is to add more paid opportunities for folks who want to be a part of what we’re building. We can promote your business on our website, social media, video content, and our growing stable of podcasts, reminding local sports fans to support the sponsors who help keep the coverage coming.

Together, we can tell the stories our kids are writing and maybe help them find a happier ending. If nothing else, we’ll always treat their accomplishments like the biggest thing in the world, because in our little corner of the world, they are. 

And someone needs to celebrate them. We’re gonna keep doing it as long as you keep telling us you want us to. 

#GoLOWCO 💙💚🌴💚💙

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