Team Beaufort Performs Well At Youth National Championships

Team Beaufort Olympic Weightlifting continued its impressive showing at the USA Weightlifting Nike Youth National Championships over the weekend, with 15-year-old Dade Stanley joining 11-year-old Justice Little in sweeping the titles in his age and weight category.

Stanley was dominant in the 77kg weight class of the 14-15 age division. His snatch of 97kg on his first attempt was 12kg more than the next competitor, and his 131kg clean & jerk beat the runner-up by 14kg.

Eli Smith had a strong performance in the 50kg weight class of the 14-15 age group, finishing third in snatch (57kg), fourth in clean & jerk (73kg), and fourth overall (130kg).

Braylin Young (16-17, 85kg) finished third in clean & jerk (136kg), fifth in snatch (104kg) and fourth overall (240kg).

Molly Smith (14-15, 63kg) finished sixth in snatch (49kg), seventh in clean & jerk (61kg), and sixth overall (110kg).

Ian Graham (13U, 56kg) was sixth in clean & jerk (51kg), seventh in snatch (39kg), and sixth overall (90kg).

Little swept the 13-and-under and 11-and-under awards in his weight class on the first day of the competition Friday.

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