HSFB: The RBC Heritage Player of the Week for Week 4 is …

We keep telling y’all your vote counts, even in this new system in which the fan vote only accounts for a single tally, a la the Electoral College.

While technically true, your votes have not affected the ultimate outcome. Until now.

For the first time, our panel was split down the middle, meaning your vote — the fan vote — made all the difference.

And you love De’Shaun Epps.

Epps won the fan vote for the second consecutive week, and this time he had support from our panel of so-called experts (including myself). Epps and May River’s Brandon Morales each picked up two votes after monster games on the ground, but Beaufort Academy fans showed up online to support their guy to the tune of 42.6 percent of the vote, edging Whale Branch’s Irvin Mulligan (33.4 percent) for that all-important final tally.

It has been tough for Epps to get much respect because BA plays 8-man football, where video-game numbers seem to be the norm, but his stats were just too stupid to overlook this week. Epps rushed for 351 yards (!) and 6 TDs (!!) on 19 carries — an average of 18.5 yards per carry (!!!) — in the Eagles’ 68-28 win over Richard Winn Academy.

I don’t care how many guys are on the field, that’s impressive.

Who should be the RBC Heritage HSFB Player of the Week for Week 4?

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One thought on “HSFB: The RBC Heritage Player of the Week for Week 4 is …

  1. Just like the United States’ Electoral College vote sucks, so is the voting for this RBC Heritage. Who cares what the so-called “experts” think? It is the job of the reporter to deliver the news, not their opinions. Sometimes I don’t even vote because I know that it is all in vain because the final decision is going to be made by an ‘arm-chair quarterback’ that has more than likely never played the game, as is usually the case…but then again, opinions are like you know what, everybody has one. You were better off with the old voting system (popular vote). Oftentimes when something is good, we tend to want to tweak it and f’ things up.

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