JP2 Launching Track & Field Program In Spring 2018

John Paul II Catholic School is adding track & field to its athletics program beginning next spring.

Former USCB cross country and track & field standout Jaime Thomas will serve as the Golden Warriors’ head coach with longtime USCB coach Larry Kimball and John Williamson serving as assistants. Thomas, Kimball and Williamson are assistants for JP2’s cross country team.

The school began exploring the possibility last spring, athletic director Matt Dakolios said, and decided to proceed after about two dozen students signed up for an interest meeting earlier this fall.

“It will give our kids an offering that they didn’t have before, it will help out our other sports, and it’s something that could be a separator for us that a lot of our competitors aren’t really doing,” Dakolios said.

Dakolios said most of his boys soccer team also will run track, and he expects a number of football and basketball players to compete, which will provide a cross-training opportunity for their primary sports.

The only other concern is sorting out a practice facility, and Dakolios is working with ADs from other area schools to explore options.

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