UNDER THE BUS: “Clown decision, bro” (Oct. 10, 2023)

Former ESPN SportsCenter anchor Bob Stevens (WHHI-TV) holds court with retired Hall of Fame sportswriter Curry Kirkpatrick (Sports Illustrated) and legendary high school basketball coach Rich Basirico as the irascible panel pushes some of the biggest names in sports — and one another — UNDER THE BUS!

Here’s who they take on in this week’s show:

Under The Bus in Round 1

– The NFL/Sports Media Industrial Complex
– The Dodgers and Orioles
– Home-field advantage in baseball
– Bob’s “golfy thing”

Under The Bus in Round 2

– Miami coach Mario Cristobal (and the Canes’ secondary)
– Rich’s ill-timed timeout (retroactive)
– Pete Carroll (retroactive)
– Steve Sarkisian
– Curry’s Drake Maye infatuation
– Arizona coach Jeff “Flounder” Fisch

Under The Bus in Round 3

– Tray-Tay’s haters
– Rich’s Swiftie bonafides
– Bill Belichick (again)
– PLUS … A tribute to NFL and Chicago Bears legend Dick Butkus!

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