UNDER THE BUS: “A figment of his own imagination” (Oct. 17, 2023)

This week on the Under the Bus podcast … the fellas grump about the grumping about the baseball playoff format, flame the managers and teams who flamed out, question Dan Lanning’s fourth-down strategy and pop off on Coach Prime snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, and hammer Rich’s incompetent Giants and continue to document the downfall of Bill Belichick. Plus, our resident Swiftie gives an update on Tray-Tay and much more!

Former ESPN SportsCenter anchor Bob Stevens (WHHI-TV) holds court with retired Hall of Fame sportswriter Curry Kirkpatrick (Sports Illustrated) and legendary high school basketball coach Rich Basirico as the irascible panel pushes some of the biggest names in sports — and one another — UNDER THE BUS!

Here’s who they take on in this week’s show:

Under The Bus in Round 1
– Haters of the MLB playoff format
– First-round flameout managers
– Orlando Arcia’s clubhouse trash talk
– Miami Marlins ownership

Under The Bus in Round 2
– Dan Lanning’s fourth-down strategy
– Pac-12 Leadership
– Coach Prime
– NCAA Leadership (re: Dez Walker)
– The Fancy Fly Boys

Under The Bus in Round 3
– Rich’s Swiftie Game (again)
– The 49ers and Eagles
– Kickers
– Rich’s irrelevant Giants
– Bill Belichick (the streak continues)
– Women’s hoops haters
– Cricket haters

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