Check out The Peirce Group LowcoStrong Virtual 5K results

Check out The Peirce Group LowcoStrong Virtual 5K results

Throughout the Lowcountry and beyond, runners and walkers of all ages got in some extra steps last week for The Peirce Group LowcoStrong Virtual 5K.

More than 50 participants took part in the event, with $5 from each registration going to a local charity. Many simply participated to get some exercise and support a good cause, but some gave it their all and submitted times. Here are the results:

Cohen MacDonaldMale1417:55:00
Jennifer Friend-KerrFemale5422:28:00
Wes KerrMale2323:42:00
Jack MacDonaldMale1224:42:00
Jessika MillerFemale2625:04:00
Martha McDuffFemale4225:26:00
Sean RochesterMale3625:28:00
Samantha GeraFemale2726:15:00
Jenni BradfordFemale3526:41:00
Megan JarrettFemale4026:59:00
Justin JarrettMale4227:55:00
Isabel TraywickFemale1328:26:00
Derek HardinMale3329:43:00
Morgan CrutchleyMale3329:54:00
Randy BrownMale5030:18:00
Chris SectorMale3331:30:00
Eliska WalshFemale1231:33:00
Serena MillerFemale1331:46:00
James DismondMale2933:16:00
Marlee JohnsonFemale6034:27:00
Elise SimonsFemale4636:31:00
Anne SovieroFemale3337:04:00
Lisa Baiada-MillerFemale4837:47:00
Jennifer WesterfeldFemale4337:47:00
Paddy MyersMale3438:19:00
Merianne WatsonFemale6040:25:00
Aurora RieckFemale1251:16:00
Ruthie RogersFemale6853:57:00
Ginevra BoyesFemale5155:13:00
Casandra Miller-ErskineFemale4668:26:00

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