HSBB: JPII Girls Win In Shortened Game Vs. THA

John Paul II’s girls led 60-45 at Thomas Heyward when the game was called with more than three minutes remaining after a multiple technical fouls were handed out and one Thomas Heyward player was ejected following a skirmish.

JPII (15-6, 6-1) hosts Coastal Homeschool on Tuesday. 

9 thoughts on “HSBB: JPII Girls Win In Shortened Game Vs. THA

  1. I was at the game and this is completely untrue that 3 THA girls were ejected! Please verify your news before reporting! This should be corrected or removed!

      1. One girl was ejected, and #1 from John Paul should have been ejected because she pushed THA # 1 first. That started the whole thing. Come on, check your story before printing and going public. What is your purpose? I was at the game, were you there?

      2. I’m the parent of the child that was “ejected”. bad call – but I will say the player at John ball that pushed ivy bryan physically should have been reported in the article! It’s one thing for players to be chatty. It’s the game. But john Paul’s student pushed and placed her hands on our player. Report that

      3. No names were named. I corrected an error of fact and only reported what I could verify from multiple sources at the game. Anything regarding what “should” have happened is subjective.

  2. Your “multiple sources” are incorrect. After that THA player was ejected, the game went on. Technicals were also called on John Paul’s coach, not just THA. The game ended because #14 from john paul pushed #3 and #33 from THA and after, the referee GRABBED a THA player and was in multiple parents/players faces as well as the THA coach. These are facts.

  3. Looks like a CNN report to me. One side of the story was taken as truth. No facts. Anyone that knows high school sports understand that the only way it got to this point iis the refs let it get out of hand. I can’t quite understand the need to publish this at all.

    1. Actually, I only published facts:
      – Game was called early
      – Multiple technical fouls
      – One THA player ejected
      No opinion stated. No statement of who was at fault. What’s false?

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