HS Tennis: JPII Drops Two Matches To Colleton Prep

Colleton Prep claimed two wins over John Paul II in SCISA girls tennis action Thursday.

The Warhawks beat the Golden Warriors 5-4 in a match that was suspended because of lightning on Sept. 21, then won 8-1 in the regularly-scheduled contest.

JPII is back in action Tuesday, hosting Hilton Head Prep.

Colleton Prep 8, John Paul II 1


No. 1: Meredith Ware (CP) def. Katherine Reilly 8-0

No. 2: Rianna Bailey (CP) def. Merritt Woodham 8-6

No. 3: Becca Martin (CP) def. Abby Quinty 8-4

No. 4: Emma Kate Bell (CP) def. Samantha Reilly 8-1

No. 5: Brenna Frank (JPII) def. Sydney Bailey 8-6

No. 6: Gracie Bishop (CP) def. Renee Delgado 8-1


No. 1: Ware/Martin (CP) def. K.Reilly/Quinty 6-0

No. 2: Kate/R.Bailey (CP) def. Caroline Gilmour/S.Reilly 7-5

No. 3: Kaylee Spears/Bishop (CP) def. Caroline Lavery/Renee Delgado 6-4

Colleton Prep 5, John Paul II 4


No. 1: Meredith Ware (CP) def. Katherine Reilly 6-0 6-0

No. 2: Rianna Bailey (CP) def. Abby Quinty 6-4 6-0

No. 3: Merritt Woodham (JPII) def. Becca Martin 6-2 6-1

No. 4: Alexa Eaddy (JPII) def. Emma Kate Bell 7-5 7-5

No. 5: Sydney Bailey (CP) def. Brenna Frank 6-4 6-2

No. 6: Samantha Reilly (JPII) def. Kaylee Spears 6-0 6-0


No. 1: Ware/R. Bailey def. K. Reilly/Quinty 8-1

No. 2: Martin/Bell def. Woodham/Frank 8-2

No. 3: Eaddy/S. Reilly def. S. Bailey/Bishop 8-4

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