UNDER THE BUS: Balls In, Balls Out (Sept. 12, 2023)

Former ESPN SportsCenter anchor Bob Stevens (WHHI-TV) holds court with retired Hall of Fame sportswriter Curry Kirkpatrick (Sports Illustrated) and legendary high school basketball coach Rich Basirico as the irascible panel pushes some of the biggest names in sports — and one another — UNDER THE BUS!

Here’s who they take on in this week’s show:

Under The Bus in Round 1

– The NFL and its refs
– The New York Giants
– Aaron Rodgers’ terrible Achilles tendon
– Rich and his fantasy football team

Under The Bus in Round 2

– Coach Prime’s haters and doubters
– Mel Tucker and the administration at Michigan State

Under The Bus in Round 3

– Friend of the show Stan Smith and his unforced error
– Subpar racquet smashers who blame coaches for losses
– MLB reporters who are sleeping on Matt Olson

Under the Bus is a production of Lowco Media LLC, a grassroots local media company in the South Carolina Lowcountry. The producer of Under the Bus is Justin Jarrett. Under the Bus is recorded at WHHI-TV on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. To find out how to support our content or become a sponsor, send email to lowcosports@gmail.com. Until next time, Go Lowco.

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