Our Team

Justin Jarrett


Justin has covered sports in the Lowco since 2005 and founded LowcoSports in 2017 to provide great local sports coverage and help build the local sports community.


Wes Kerr

Podcast Co-Host/Contributor

Wes is a graduate of Hilton Head Island High School and Davidson College. He has a passion for statistics and analytics.


Corinne Steinbauer

Sponsorship Sales

Corinne is a dedicated football and baseball mom. She has 30+ years of national corporate recruiting experience and several years of volunteering, including fundraising.


Brackin Lambert

Video Contributor

Brackin is a graduate of Beaufort High School and USCB and has a master’s degree from Cumberland University in Tennessee. He has a passion for sports, broadcasting and video production.


Brooke Simons

High School Intern

Brooke is a student-athlete at Hilton Head Island High School and an aspiring journalist. She has a passion for photography and broadcasting.


Bryce Smith

High School Intern

Bryce is a student-athlete at Thomas Heyward Academy and an aspiring photojournalist. He has a passion for photography and videography, as well as graphic design and internet marketing.


Gabriel Jenkins

High School Intern

Gabriel is a student-athlete at Beaufort High School. He has a passion for sports journalism and broadcasting.


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