🎧 Red’s Barber Shop S1E3: The Legendary Dave Bing

When some people step into the barbershop, everything stops, but not at Red’s Barber Shop. When the big names take their place in the chair, we start talking. This week, JJ and Red are talking hoops, business, politics — and whipping up on childhood friend Marvin Gaye on the court — with Hall of Famer and former Detroit Mayor Dave Bing.

In addition to his legendary basketball career at Syracuse and in the NBA, including seven All-Star appearances and the 1974 NBA Rookie of the Year Award, Bing founded a steel business that grew from four employees to a $300 million company and was recruited by the Detroit business community to run for Mayor. In retirement, the celebrated businessman and philanthropist founded The Bing Youth Institute to connect young Black men with mentors in the local Black community.

Former McDonald’s All-American and Syracuse Orange hoops legend Tony “Red” Bruin and longtime sports journalist Justin Jarrett are teaming up to talk hoops with basketball insiders and some of the biggest personalities in the game in Red’s Barber Shop, the latest addition to the Lowco Media podcast roster.

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