HSFB 2022: LowcoSports Pick ‘Em Contest, Week 1

Just a few hours before kickoff last week, I did the same thing I do every year and remembered the high school football pick ‘em contest we didn’t get around to creating last year but were for sure going to do this year. So I just did it.

I threw it out on Twitter and got 19 entries (including mine and senior contributor Wes Kerr’s) for Week 0, with Richard Calhoun winning a four-way tiebreaker for the top honors. We’ll give away some Lowco swag to the weekly winners, and we’ll have a bigger prize package for the overall winner as well as a bonus for anyone who beats Team Lowco.

But I didn’t want to exclude anyone who missed the impromptu tweet, so we’re going to drop the two lowest scores for each player in the race for season-long prizes, allowing you to whiff on a week or two and still have a chance to hit paydirt. It also means a second chance for those of you who didn’t do your preseason homework and failed the first pop quiz.

If you want to get in the game, submit your Week 1 picks here!

Don’t make your picks uninformed! Listen to or watch the Lowco Pigskin Preview and get the scoop!

2022 LowcoSports HSFB Pick ‘Em Contest

Richard Calhoun77
Justin Jarrett77
Wes Kerr77
Connor Schmitz77
Tyler Haley66
Stewart Wright Dolbeare66
James Dennison55
Jhabias Johnson55
Woodie Melton IV55
Danny Fernandez44
Trace Lowther44
Terrell Medlock44
Jimmy Searson44
Richard Martin44
Mike Roark44
Misael Garzon33
Sully Gay22
Tanner Norby22


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