2020 Lowco HS Football Schedule

Dates and times subject to change. Send corrections to LowcoSports(at)gmail(dot)com.

8/20Bluffton7:30 p.m.South Florence
8/21The King’s Academy7 p.m.Hilton Head Christian
8/21Orangeburg-Wilkinson7:30 p.m.May River
8/21Wilson7:30 p.m.Hilton Head High
8/21Beaufort High7:30 p.m.South Effingham (Ga.)
8/28Bamberg-Ehrhardt7:30 p.m.Bluffton
8/28St. John’s Christian7:30 p.m.Beaufort Academy
8/28Dorchester Academy7 p.m.Hilton Head Christian
8/28Hilton Head Prep7:30 p.m.Colleton Prep
8/28Orangeburg Prep7:30 p.m.*John Paul II
8/28Battery Creek7:30 p.m.Thomas Heyward
8/28May River7:30 p.m.Hartsvillle
8/28Hilton Head High7:30 p.m.Ridgeland-Hardeeville
8/28Effingham County (Ga.)7:30 p.m.Beaufort High
8/28Whale Branch7:30 p.m.Calhoun County
9/4Ridgeland-Hardeeville7:30 p.m.Bluffton
9/4Bethesda Academy7:30 p.m.Beaufort Academy
9/4John Paul II7:30 p.m.St. Andrew’s
9/4Thomas Heyward7:30 p.m.*Dorchester Academy
9/4Islands (Ga.)7:30 p.m.May River
9/4Hilton Head High7:30 p.m.Lower Richland
9/4Beaufort High7:30 p.m.Benedictine (Ga.)
9/4Calhoun County7:30 p.m.Battery Creek
9/4Whale Branch7:30 p.m.Allendale-Fairfax
9/11Bluffton7:30 p.m.Screven County (Ga.)
9/11Beaufort Academy7:30 p.m.Colleton Prep
9/11Hilton Head Christian7:30 p.m.*Northwood Academy
9/11St. Andrew’sTBDHilton Head Prep
9/11John Paul II7:30 p.m.Bethesda Academy
9/11Camden Military7:30 p.m.Thomas Heyward
9/11May River7:30 p.m.Wade Hampton
9/11Toombs County (Ga.)7:30 p.m.Hilton Head High
9/11Beaufort High7:30 p.m.West Ashley
9/11Battery Creek7:30 p.m.Savannnah High
9/11Ridgeland-Hardeeville7:30 p.m.Whale Branch
9/18Bluffton7:30 p.m.Wade Hampton
9/18Beaufort Academy7:30 p.m.*Northwood Academy
9/18Hilton Head Christian7:30 p.m.*Orangeburg Prep
9/18Hilton Head Prep7:30 p.m.Thomas Heyward
9/18Cardinal Newman7:30 p.m.John Paul II
9/18Windsor Forest (Ga.)7:30 p.m.Hilton Head High
9/18Oceanside Collegiate7:30 p.m.Beaufort High
9/18Allendale-Fairfax7:30 p.m.Battery Creek
9/18Estill7:30 p.m.Whale Branch
9/24Augusta Prep7:30 p.m.John Paul II
9/25Thomas Heyward7:30 p.m.Beaufort Academy
9/25Colleton Prep7 p.m.Hilton Head Christian
9/25Bethesda AcademyTBDHilton Head Prep
9/25May River7:30 p.m.Blythewood
9/25Whale Branch7:30 p.m.Battery Creek
10/2Colleton County7:30 p.m.*Bluffton
10/2Beaufort AcademyTBD*Hilton Head Prep
10/2Hilton Head Christian7:30 p.m.Pinewood Prep
10/2Thomas Heyward7:30 p.m.John Paul II
10/2May River7:30 p.m.*James Island
10/2Beaufort High7:30 p.m.*Hilton Head High
10/2Academic Magnet7:30 p.m.*Battery Creek
10/2St. John’s7:30 p.m. *Whale Branch
10/9Bluffton7:30 p.m.*May River
10/9Thomas Sumter7:30 p.m.Beaufort Academy
10/9Hilton Head Christian7:30 p.m.Bethesda Academy
10/9Orangeburg PrepTBD*Hilton Head Prep
10/9John Paul II7:30 p.m.*Northwood Academy
10/9Colleton Prep7:30 p.m.*Thomas Heyward
10/9Hilton Head High7:30 p.m.*Colleton County
10/9James Island7:30 p.m.*Beaufort High
10/9Battery Creek7:30 p.m.*Hanahan
10/9Whale Branch7:30 p.m. *Military Magnet
10/16Hilton Head High7:30 p.m.*Bluffton
10/16Beaufort Academy7:30 p.m.*Orangeburg Prep
10/16John Paul II7 p.m.*Hilton Head Christian
10/16Hilton Head Prep7:30 p.m.*Northwood Academy
10/16Thomas Heyward7:30 p.m.*St. John’s Christian
10/16Beaufort High7:30 p.m.*May River
10/16Bishop England7:30 p.m.*Battery Creek
10/16Whale Branch7:30 p.m. *Baptist Hill
10/23Bluffton7:30 p.m.*Beaufort High
10/23Hilton Head Christian7:30 p.m.*Beaufort Academy
10/23John Paul IITBD*Hilton Head Prep
10/23Bethesda Academy7:30 p.m.*Thomas Heyward
10/23May River7:30 p.m.*Colleton County
10/23James Island7:30 p.m.*Hilton Head High
10/23Battery Creek7:30 p.m.*Oceanside Collegiate
10/23Whale Branch7:30 p.m. *Cross
10/30James Island7:30 p.m.*Bluffton
10/30Beaufort Academy7:30 p.m.*John Paul II
10/30Hilton Head Prep7 p.m.*Hilton Head Christian
10/30Thomas Heyward7:30 p.m.*Greenwood Christian
10/30Hilton Head High7:30 p.m.*May River
10/30Colleton County7:30 p.m.*Beaufort High
10/30North Charleston7:30 p.m.*Battery Creek
10/30Chas. Math & Science7:30 p.m. *Whale Branch
* indicates region game

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