The Week 11 RBC Heritage HSFB Player of the Week Is …

Everyone who follows sports knows the saying that offense sells tickets and defense wins championships.

You can add that defense drives online player of the week voting.

There’s no question that offensive players tend to dominate this space, because offensive stats stand out more than defensive stats and people find them more relatable. But when a defensive player puts up big enough numbers to make it on the RBC Heritage Player of the Week ballot, they really seem to get out the vote.

Such was the case this week, as Bluffton’s Kylan Simmons garnered a record-breaking 2,908 votes – more than 56 percent of the total – after racking up 14 tackles and scoring a rushing touchdown in the Bobcats’ 50-22 win at Ridgeland-Hardeeville.

I’ll admit Simmons didn’t get my vote – that went to Beaufort Academy’s De’Shaun Epps, because 451 rushing yards and five touchdowns is ridiculous no matter how many players are on the field – but he had a heck of a game and an even better campaign staff. Respect.

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3 thoughts on “The Week 11 RBC Heritage HSFB Player of the Week Is …

  1. Not to put anybody down but if De’Shaun Epps had such a great campaign staff don’t you think he should of racked up more than 21 votes. I think a new campaign staff is in the work for Mr. Epps. Have a blessed day!!

    1. You misunderstood. I was commending Kylan Simmons’ campaign staff – I think he got enough votes to be the mayor!

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